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Legal Services

Being able to deliver constant high quality legal services to individuals, groups and companies in the most efficient and effective way, means representation that is able to adapt to each unique client.
Lloyd Kieser Incorportated


When business related transactions and issues require legal advice or drafting, we offer a full range of commercial legal services. Corporate restructuring, including for B-BBEE purposes. The drafting of lease, sale of business, land and loan agreements.

Family Law Benoni


Personal attention and compassion is a pre-requisite to executing effective family law, we provide a host of services that cover all aspects of family law. Including divorce, maintenance, protection orders, domestic violence, parenting plans and children’s court as well as drafting ante nuptial contracts.

Litigation Benoni


In the event of your legal rights being challenged or you wanting to sue, we offer litigation services to assist you. Whether in high, regional and magistrates court or even if an appearance in the CCMA is required. We can also assist with debt collections and evictions and if required we will also deal with breach of contract or damages claims.

Conveyancing Benoni


When dealing with transactions involving land or property, we offer services that fall under the banner of conveyancing. This is a legal requirement, which relates to the transfer of ownership of land or property, also we offer services in the registration of bonds.

Estate Planning Benoni


Future planning for the disposal of your estate after your death in accordance with your wishes, in this regard we offer legal assistance to draft a new will or amend a current will and also, trusts can be created, or existing trusts can be changed, to provide for your wishes.

If you are facing a deceased estate and require advice, management and administrative assistance our firm will handle the legal matters concerning the winding up of a deceased estate in accordance with the deceased’s wishes.

Litigation Benoni


Clear and up to date legal advice is required when dealing with labour law issues. We will represent you as an employee or as an employer in disciplinary hearings, appearances in the CCMA and drafting of employment agreements and settlement agreements.


If your documents, contracts and transactions need legal credibility, notarisation is required to add a deeper layer of verification and protection. Our notarial services will give your documents legal credibility. We cover ANC’s, special/general notarial bonds, notarial deeds of session, powers of attorney, and authentication/legalisation of documents.

Administration Services Benoni


The transfer of shares. Registration, deregistration and liquidation of companies. Lodging claims in insolvent estates. Assisting in the advertising of statutory advertisements.

In Justice We Trust

“No man is above the law and no man is below it; nor do we ask any man’s permission when we ask him to obey it. Obedience to the law is demanded as a right, not asked as a favor.” Theodore Roosevelt